[Sculptress, two studies]

12 x 8 1/2 in. (30.5 x 21.6 cm)
Estate/Inventory Number
W 523
Collection of Christopher Rothko. © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko
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[Woman seated at table]

[Woman seated at table]





This sketch depicts a woman, possibly Rothko’s wife Edith Sachar (1912–1981), seated at a low worktable and handling clay or some other sculpting material. In the mid-1930s, Edith studied sculpture at the New York School of Arts and Trades with Aaron Goodelman (1890–1978). Rothko painted Edith sculpting in three canvases (figs. 1–3), and several of his works on paper depict women sculpting, including one in which a low worktable appears.
[Sculptress, two studies]
1. Mark Rothko, Untitled (sculptress), 1934/1935, oil on canvas, 32 1/16 x 23 7/8 in., National Gallery of Art, Gift of The Mark Rothko Foundation, Inc., © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko, 1986.43.46. [Anfam 63]
[Sculptress, two studies]
2. Mark Rothko, Untitled (Sculptress), 1933/1934, oil on canvas, 39 3/4 x 28 3/4 in., Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel, © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko. [Anfam 53]
[Sculptress, two studies]
3. Mark Rothko, Sculptress, 1933/1934, oil on canvas, 31 3/4 x 21 1/2 in., Collection of Christopher Rothko, © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko. [Anfam 54]