[Two women knitting]

Grumbacher (embossed stamp): ALL PURE / LINEN / M.GRUMBACHER
11 5/16 x 15 5/16 in. (28.7 x 38.9 cm)
Estate/Inventory Number
Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel. © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko
The abrupt cropping of this image of two women knitting indicates that there was more to Rothko’s composition on the full sheet (likely a standard size of 15 x 22 inches) before he cut it in half; the other half of the sheet is unlocated, but the beach scene on the reverse side of the sheet appears to be a complete composition. The beach view was almost certainly painted in Gloucester, Massachusetts, during the summer of 1934 when Rothko and his wife Edith vacationed there with the Averys—Milton (1885–1965), Sally, and March—and Esther and Adolph Gottlieb (1903–1974), and it is reasonable to date the knitting women similarly.